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The Main National Platform for Construction and Development

It is a platform to monitor and managethe recovery , resilience and development projects based on a completed spatial database for different projects either the implemented or planned projects by Iraqi government or the international community.The platform containing analytical outputs ,final dashboard reports, statistical tables for project data, as well as a community interaction window and interactive maps of projects locations. The Geoportal is the up-to-date web-based GIS data system of the main platform,it can be accessed through the main website with specific access authorities to enable users using multiple tools to monitor and extract statistics and info-graphs in smart and advanced methods.The main platform containing a specific portal for the projects of Executive Directorate for Poverty Reduction.


The Ministry of Planning thanks the United Nations Human Settlements Programme for their sincere efforts and their active contribution in providing technical and logistical support during all the implementation stages of the National Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience Data Platform Project, looks forward to future contributions and wishes the Programme success in their future endeavours.

Republic of Iraq

Geography position : Middle East
Area : 438,317 km2
Capital : Baghdad
Government : Federal parliamentary republic
Currency ; Iraqi dinar IQD
Time zone : GMT+3
Internet TLD : IQ
Calling code ; +964
Natural resources: oil, gas, phosphate, sulfur, Iron and red mercury

Platform objectives

    The Platform is primarily aimed at maximizing the use of the provided spatial information for clarifying the State's priorities and needs in terms of projects to be fully accessible for decision makers.

    The Government seeks to achieve a clear future vision for the situation of projects and services Therefore, the Platform is designed in accordance with the best international standards to support sustainable development efforts.

    The Platform provides multiple analytical tools that enable users to access spatial statistical information, dashboards and detailed maps.

    The Platform seeks to strengthen local governance by enabling people to engage in interactive panels and feedback on projects, services and reforms.

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